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The Laundry Process

This agreement is strictly between Laundry Ladies and the Customer and does not in any way constitute or imply any relationship with any other parties.

We care for your clothes as if they were our own, we understand you are trusting us with your laundry and that is very important to us. Your laundry goes directly from your hands to ours and is never washed with anyone else's laundry. Should any problem arise we will compensate you fairly.

Pick-up and Delivery:

Pick-ups and deliveries will occur when the customer and Laundry Ladies sets up a time. On holidays, Laundry Ladies reserves the right to determine the pick-up and drop-off times at its own discretion and reserves the right to reschedule such times upon prior notice to customer. If an appointment is missed by the customer an $8.00 trip charge will be assessed.

  • Customer agrees to include only washable items in their pick up.
  • Customer is responsible for all damage to clothing when caused by any items present in their laundry.
  • Laundry Ladies is not responsible for, and shall not pay for, any loss, damage, or theft of items left unattended for pick-up or delivery, whether left by the customer or Laundry Ladies if Laundry Ladies followed your delivery instructions.
  • Laundry Ladies reserves the right to refuse cleaning any garment.
  • Laundry Ladies does not guarantee removal of all stains.
  • Laundry Ladies is not responsible for clothing that bleeds, shrinks, or otherwise changes as a result of normal washing.
  • Laundry Ladies is not responsible for garments labeled "hand wash only" or "dry clean only" and is not responsible for checking for these labels in customer's garments. Please check garments before leaving them out for the laundry pick up.
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Contact Info

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Hours & Areas Served

Pickup and Delivery:

Mon-Fri, weekends upon request
Times are flexible
Ask about same day service

Counties Served:

- San Diego

- Orange County

- Los Angeles*

- San Bernardino (Inland Empire)*

- Riverside*

*not all cities served at this time