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Let a Laundry Service Provider work for you!  Enjoy a seamless laundry pick-up service based on your preferred date, time and location.  Your Laundry Service Provider will arrive to whisk away your dirty clothes and items.  Your laundry is in good hands and headed for a quality cleaning process based on your individual laundry requests and needs.  We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service.  Enjoy a quick delivery of your items typically on the next business day.  Your garments will be returned clean, fresh, folded and ready to wear.  Need same-day laundry service? Please confirm same-day service on Laundry Service Providers personal profile pages.

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What a fantastic service! Such a huge stress relief to actually be caught up on my laundry! My schedule is hectic and with my laundry facilities in the basement I tend to put off doing my laundry. Stacy was quick to respond to my order request …. asked about my detergent and fabric softener preferences. She picked up my laundry (all sheets and towels) and returned it the next day all neatly folded and even added a bow (nice touch). Everything smells amazing! Thanks Stacy!!

Cyndee B, City/Neighborhood

Good old-fashioned customer service is hard to find now a days. However, Lori the laundry lady is absolutely phenomenal – she’s timely and professional and she leaves the cutest little notes and colorful bags of potpourri. It’s the small gestures like that that matter most! I can’t recommend her services or her company enough. The best part is they offer a slight discount if you get on a regular pick up and drop off schedule! Definitely give her a call or text to inquire about her laundry services!

Kaela C, City/Neighborhood

So happy to have found this Laundry service! Our lady is Amanda, and she is wonderful. She messages a reminder the night before a pick up, and also confirms once the neatly folded (freshly cleaned) clothes have been dropped off…the following day! Plus, Amanda has been happy to help with any special requests we have (such as folding pants on the seam); we just message her or attach a note and its done! Payments are also easy, with credit card or PayPal. We greatly appreciate the communication and care given by our laundry lady Amanda. We are loving this service. Highly recommend!

K.B., City/Neighborhood